Well right now the Charlottesville thing has provided us with any number of legal, ethical and moral issues to contend with, in which we can become completely and utterly lost, and that’s the entire point of it, and it took John to point that out to me. I like getting his perspective, not being American, it is going to be unique and less biased than what any American is going to have to say about it.

Steve McGrath will like this, with regard to the Charlottesville thing, I honestly think Donald Trump has a point. He really does, here is the problem, because he is so inarticulate, because his entire cadence is delicately crafted to appeal to those who have the vocabulary and mindset of a ten year old, when he really needs to say something, that really needs to be said- he can’t say it intelligently.

What he was trying to say about Charlottesville requires a far more complex vocabulary to match the very high complexity of the many of the disputes at issue. So, instead, he has been painted into this Nazi, psycho racist corner, where he doesn’t really belong.

None of this is to say Trump is a person with any good intentions. He’s not. But it is to say, that he doesn’t necessarily have the sort of bad intentions, he’s being accused of having now. Trump is as racist and anti-Semitic and mysognistic, as any average American male, it’s just that he’s way more honest about it. His honesty really does not offend me.

I realize that either won’t or can’t filter, the way everyone else does. And He doesn’t pander in the ways the political establishment demands. Now, this is really indicative of other problems. Being unable to appropriately filter his speech to widely acceptable norms, does suggest some sort of mental break or deficiency, because any sane or rational person would foresee the blowback headed their way, because of the unfiltered things that they said. Therefore they would try to avoid saying those things, particularly to avoid all the blowback. Trump refuses to do that, which suggests something is wrong with Trump. But the problem is not that he is unusually racist, like a white supremacist is. In this case , I honestly can say, Trump is not the problem. He really was trying to have some honest discourse about Southern black white relations.

This is one of the concepts he was trying express with his almost completely unintelligible “many, many sides” commentary. He was trying to express some pretty profound concepts, but unfortunately, he’s just not articulate enough to do it. He has spent almost all of his energy figuring out how to get those stupid enough to blindly follow to do, exactly what he wants them to do. As a result, he pretty much only knows how to talk to easily manipulated people. He doesn’t do deep conversations. He’s not Barack Obama. He will never be able to pull off a deep, meaningful conversations about race in America.

And, even though he had something valid to say, Trump is never going to convince independent thinkers and those who dislike him of anything ever. Another downside, all these independent thinkers, and all the legions of enemies he has made are in attack mode. They definitely want to destroy him. Lumping him in with, gun-toting, torch-bearing white nationalist is one way to go about it.

But Censorship…yeah I guess many people and organizations do it for many reasons. I too, think of it as only being meaningful when the government does it, because only the government (arguably) has the power to take away someone’s freedom.

But I guess it could be argued corporations have that power as well, by taking someone’s job away from them for expressing unpopular thoughts and ideas. But the truth is corporations shut down any speech that represents a threat to them. Do you know the speech corporations despise? Conversations around who is getting paid what. That has HBO all shook up right now. I largely don’t care, I just pray this doesn’t impact our beloved Game of Thrones series, in anyway. That would really suck.

So anyway censorship, definitely on the rise, definitely from a number of different players and forces if we want to be totally honest about it. People losing their jobs for participating in protests will definitely chill speech. Also people who believe they have all this freedom anyway are delusional. It’s just not true. Participation in mainstream America society requires the embracing of at least 1001 restraints and restrictions.

We’ve never really been all that free, just less suppressed, repressed and oppressed than others.

You still think the humans have a chance? Now Gaia? Sure! Gaia is a huge and ancient organism. Humans? Not so much. Which is perhaps why Paul Easton doesn’t consider himself human. Maybe he wants to have a chance. Maybe he thinks disassociation will save him.

Working with the Light!

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