Well Ron I agree with almost all of what you say, about politics in general and cycles. I do not, however agree with the particular lens with which you view things. I’d say I disagree with the WAY you view things about 100% of the time.

It is a very interesting phenomenon. We both have the same big picture view, but on the details -we could not be more opposed.

Svetlana…who says women are to be blamed for all relationship conflict between men and women…does that even seem sane or rational to you? I don’t think so. I believe I read something you wrote that captured what the conflict is and will continue to be quite nicely. Maybe this was someone else though. I actually think he was from the U.K..

Anyway. I like Medium simply because I like intelligent conversation and I like to be exposed to different intelligent ideas, even if I don’t agree with them, which is why I like your commentary, and why I even like some of Svetlana’s commentary. A lot of it is a very different and well informed perspective- and then off she will go into nutter-butter land. Probably she could say the same about me.

I want to see the world through your eyes even though, I don’t think I could ever agree with your worldview. Never, not ever. Maybe you want the same.

I once told a black friend of mine, (who was outraged that I had a white supremacists friend) that I befriended the white supremacists because I wanted to understand why she was a white supremacists. What was her world like that made her see things the way she did. A little time in her world, and I totally got it.

When you visit someone else’s world, then you totally can get why they see the world the way they do. You and the Svetlanas of the world help me form an objective view of the world…and when people who share my world view tell me…”those people are such idiots!” I actually take the other side, and say, “no they are not, they just really didn’t want to vote for Hillary the way you didn’t want to vote for Trump.” And blah, blah, blah. It really is just two sides of the same damn coin and that is very sad. There were no good choices.

I clearly understand why a huge segment of the white American population is very racist. And I will say, (very rarely, but I will say it) they ain’t entirely wrong. And what I mean by that is this racism is based in a fear of being taken over by something very different than what they are accustomed to dealing with. They don’t want to be overtaken by the meaningless gang violence, that has gripped Chicagos Southside. They don’t want to be afraid of brown people with bombs on backs, blowing up malls saying praise Allah. These are valid fears. I do see the other side to it. The overly racist reaction to these threats, however is extreme and unhelpful. To say a brown person did this bad thing, therefore all brown people are bad, is highly flawed logic. Is this remark condescending? I just think it is true.

No the world is not ending, but people are ending, institutions are ending, religions are ending, certain economic systems are ending, there is all sorts of environmental collapse under way. Democracy in America very well might be ending. It has certainly become a lot less recognizable over time, with all the corporate interventions. As a result people are freaking the f@ck out!

Wars are real and ever going. Trump’s lack of diplomacy during these highly unstable times just might bring these wars to our shores; and despite the fact that I totally get why people voted for him, that does not make this a good choice. Partisan politics aside, it wasn’t a good choice. Hillary might not have been any better.

But at some point I do expect people to get real, and stop trying to defend a bad choice. You sort of do that. I can totally respect your decision to vote for Trump. It was a gamble, that might even pay off in some way for you. (If you’re not a billionaire, I doubt it.)

If greater tensions along all visible areas of difference (race, sex, religion, geographic etc) was what was sought, Trump is doing an awesome job!

If economic improvement is what was sought, Trump was never going to bring that. If less international conflict was what was sought, Trump was never going to bring that either. The way America plays on the world stage matters, although most Americans are clueless about it. Most have no idea what our foreign policy is, and how Trump would change it for his own personal enrichment and how this is dangerous for us. Is that me being condescending or me telling the truth?

Many people will continue to see Trump as they always have, a minor God. I don’t get it. These people are dangerous as they empower dictators. You you ever been inside North Korea? I watched this Vice episode about life over there. It was the Twilight Zone. It is bizarre that there is actually a real country on our planet where a dictator is worshipped as if he really is a God! Seriously worshipped. No one can utter anything but praise about Kim Jong every second of their waking lives over there. But it is clear all these people have guns to their heads.

So when people already lend themselves to that, without being forced into it, I’m not going to lie, that freaks me out!

And I am the curious sort, so I want to understand the phenomenon. You cannot provide any insight because you’re not a part of that, and I suspect the people who are would be unwilling to talk to me for any number of fear based reasons. So I admittedly irritate these types with a certain condescending tone. It is true. But I will rail against this sort of blind faith in Trump until someone offers an intelligent explanation I can understand.

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!