Well…she’s not going to censor herself. But if she pushes certain emotional buttons, I am going to call her on it; and I did. This will push the conversation back into the realm of reason. Like a referee I called “foul” and to her credit, she responded fairly reasonably.

I have taught debate to college students for several years, so I am accustomed to calling people out on dubious rhetorical strategies. If any of my students used the term “bat shit crazy” their team would lose points.

To say that to vote for Hillary Clinton is “batshit crazy,” is fanning some flames, and that sounds very alt-right to me. But hey, the alt-right and alt left probably do agree on Hillary, as she is basically a moderate Republican/conservative Democrat. That’s not going to work for either side. Besides, at this point, the corruption is everywhere and it’s obvious.

But the sort of misogyny directed against her, the contempt for her hardcore supporters and anyone who voted for her (Caitlin basically called them bat shit crazy) that is going to drive a lot of extreme divisions on the left. I would say, she already has caused a lot of left fracturing.

And, everyone who voted for Hillary is not batshit crazy. Just like the people who voted for Trump are not always what they are accused of being. Plenty of them are reasonable people. In this election, most people voted, running ducking for cover, and it makes total sense why everyone voted the way they did. But writers who speak to that, largely get ignored. It is a shame.

But, maybe I am not being fair. Larry Kelly, just gave me a lecture about how I should be writing about politics in a fair and balanced manner. But I responded, it would be extraordinarily difficult for me to do that, since I think everyone is lying somewhat, as well as pandering to negative emotions. That’s just not a game I want to play. I would rather just call it out when I see it.

I agree with you, about the Heart Attack and Cancer. I almost used that same analogy, except I said AIDS for Trump. Which is why, I’ve got to write about something else entirely. (Cause that’s just depressing.) I think I need to focus my writing on purely spiritual matters, as that is what interests me the most. I truly enjoyed my other response to you, so much more than this one!

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!