Well, thank you Dennett! That’s what I like to hear! I definitely agree with you regarding confidence being a crucial and critical component of any sort of success! In fact, it might interest you to know that in astrology the second house is considered to be the house of wealth, but is actually the house of self-confidence. That supports your idea of how closely those concepts are linked and have been through out the ages. I know in this modern age, most don’t ascribe to astrology (I don’t, not really, except as an interesting idea to explore) but ancient cultures swore by it! And in those ancient cultures they believed that self-confidence guaranteed wealth! If you have self-confidence courage will surely follow and also, confidence is highly attractive. In a good way. So I think we are actually exploring the same concept, in different ways. My follow up question to you would be, how does one develop self-confidence and courage? Doesn’t it start with what they are thinking and feeling?

Working with the Light!

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