Well thank you for the information. I can certainly appreciate it. Thank you also for respecting my personal experiences as an African-American.

You’re right though, I know very little about Russia beyond the most basic American stereotypes attributed to Russia, I have said as much in my arguments with Svetlana.

I fired back at her, with a lot of stereotypical points about Russia, because she (and others) were making a lot of stereotypical comments about African-American slavery in America, and I found that irritating.

Slavery is not over, in America. Not by a long shot. But of course from the outside looking in, that’s the assumption. If that’s your assumption, have at it. I no longer care to debate this. But I would recommend that you Google Ava Duverny’s 13 -a documentary about the American criminal justice system, and its practices that are less humane the 18th and 19th century slavery. It is beyond appalling to be preached at by a Russian ex-pat living in Ireland, about the non-existence of Modern American slavery, when you live with the ramifications of it daily.

The idea of Russian policy being more humane than American policy with regard to indigenous people is quite a foreign one to me! I am happy to hear it. I have no doubt that as an American, I don’t get the full story about what’s going on in Russia. But I did read Darkness at Noon; so I say that to say this, this is a country that does have some history with the oppression of free thought, does it not? And are you suggesting that it is propaganda that journalists are shot down in the streets when they write stories in opposition to the political leadership’s position? I am just curious. How much of this is American demonization of Russian politics and how much of this is true?

Russia is huge, so certainly all manner of opposition cannot be suppressed, but from the outside looking in, it seems like most is.

Anyway thanks for the insight as to the racial diversity of Russia. Of course I realize, there are blacks in Russia, as at this time in human history everyone is everywhere, but, I imagine that there numbers have got to be incredibly, statistically small, compared to the overall population, as there was no massive slave trade between Africa and Russia.

My main point in all of this was, Russians shouldn’t really be weighing in on the plight of African-Americans in America. No one who doesn’t fully understand the history should, and that’s most Americans too. Same thing with Native Americans. These are two groups of people who have been systematically tortured by American law and policy. People who have all these strong opinions about Black Lives Matter protests are having knee jerk reactions, to two hundred or so years of oppression, of which they are largely uninformed. I realize the response is based in fear and ignorance, but a better response is one based in inquiry and respect, like yours, as the anger over this oppression is palpable. It should not be summarily disregarded. Black people in America are shouting in the streets, Black Lives Matter, because Black people are being shot down in the streets like Russian journalists.

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!