Well thanks! I will read up. Truly interested. And I don’t talk about slavery all the time, but I do talk about institutionalized racism in America as it has deeply impacted my life.

As I told you once before, I stand for truth, and with regard to that, I do clearly understand that there are more people in slavery, RIGHT NOW, than there ever were bought and sold during the entire transatlantic slave trade. And its a far more brutal kind of slavery. I do know that. Certain people, certain industries, certain nations benefit from it, far more than others. America is forever addicted to slavery, to this day. I don’t kid myself and act like that doesn’t benefit me personally. It does. How can an oriental rug at IKEA sell for so cheap? Some kid in India probably made it, working 18 hours a day for free until he died.

If I buy the damn rug, my hands are not clean. I’m benefiting from slavery. The difference between me and you is that I will own that. I’m not going to act like these horrible institutions don’t impact my life, one way or another. If someone were to say to me, you greedy American, you need to make this right. I wouldn’t hide or cower or lie or evade my part in the whole fucked up ecosystem. I would own it…and I do.

We both agree slavery is evil. Because I am a product of America slavery, because I can trace my lineage directly back to plantations and a certain brutality that was required to maintain the institution, I feel some kind of way about it. I do. That is totally my prerogative, and again, this really has nothing to do with you. It’s between me and my ancestors…the Germans, the Scotts, the Irish and of course those nefarious Africans. As the linked articles showed, the Africans issued apologies, at least.

If you feel like the world owes you nothing, that’s on you. I feel like the world owes me whatever I claim it does, and for me? I get mines, one way or another and I don’t have any qualms about it.


Working with the Light!

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