Well, thanks for this response. It isn’t what I expected. I can appreciate your perspective on her, but I’m simply too jaded to view anyone on the political stage, at this time, with anything other than deep suspicion. No matter who is in office, nothing ever changes. I think all of the political actors exist at this point to merely distract, deflect and evade discussion of any real issues. So no, I don’t admire any politicians or anyone who tries to sell anything along partisan lines, instead of focusing on the issues.

I’ve studied rhetoric. I’ve spent years teaching people how to recognize propaganda, but as the propaganda gets slicker and slicker it becomes difficult for people to recognize it as such. Ms. Olsen’s propaganda has seemingly captured a lot of people. A lot of people seem to just adore her. I don’t get it. I’m curious as to just what it is about her particular brand of propaganda that people find so compelling.

Candace Olsen simply reiterates the typical racial talking points that Pubs like. Everyone has heard all of this before, the only difference is she’s black and female. I guess it is sort of ground breaking, to see someone like her saying all of these things, that we usually only hear from conservative white men, and with such conviction and passion. But I agree with the writer above, it seems to me that she is simply pandering to people who want those ideas reinforced -usually white people, especially white male people, which is how I guessed your race and gender.

But race is just one of the many cards that both Pubs and Dems play in their endlessly partisan games, and Olsen is just a new young female brown face, on a really old trick. For me, the conversation she is trying to have is too old and tired to even merit further discussion. And it’s not meant to. It’s meant to attack, to divide. I tire of this. How is it that everyone else is still playing this game, with such zeal?

She’s definitely Condoleezza Rice 2.0, but it’s an insult to Sandra Day O’Connor, to even make that comparison. O’Connor has one of the best legal minds our Supreme Court has ever seen, and definitely one of the fairest. O’Connor would recognize propaganda immediately, and she would certainly never stoop to utilizing it to render any decisions.

But in these days and times, most people just want to hear that which eases their anxiety. It doesn’t matter if it’s true, or only partially true, laced with toxic bits of lies that entirely corrupt the whole message. My biggest issue with Candace Olsen is not that she has political views that differ from mine…in fact I would say I don’t think that she has any political views at all.

I do not disagree with a lot of what she says. A lot of what she says is true. But when she throws outrageous lies into the mix, that completely contradict every true thing that she just uttered, I scratch my head, and wonder exactly what sort of mind fuck is this supposed to be.

My biggest issue with her is that she spreads dangerous propaganda. It’s illogical. It’s nonsensical. It’s a distraction. She doesn’t really speak to a logically coherent perspective; and like most political types, it’s all outrage and emotion, against the other side. This solves no problems. This constantly skirts the issues. This is what most popular politicians and their talking heads do, these days. Nonstop political reality TV.

They rant and rave and blame and shame. It maybe entertaining, but it solves no problems and is killing our democracy, and our society.

But…you’re not looking for any solutions from Olsen apparently. You just dig how she stands up for herself. I can totally see that. That’s cool.

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!