Well that is of course a whole other sort of dynamic. And I’d say it’s probably skewing your view of what feminism is. Because this dynamic you’re describing is not what feminism is about at all, it’s more about damaged people grabbing on to a concept to justify unhealthy behavior. And people do this with all sorts of stuff, especially religion, so sure it’s going to happen with feminism too.

I still say that I am and stand behind the basic tenets of feminism. But not in any way that justifies mistreatment of men. That’s especially idiotic because women and men are deeply connected. You can’t have one without the other.

Women who have abandonment issues are at war with men, (as well as their mothers who didn’t do a,b,c, d to keep the men in their lives) but what this is, really is a longing to feel whole. Using feminism as a bandaid, well it’s just not going to work. These women need therapy, not feminism.

I’m not going to act like I haven’t run into women who identify as “feminists” who hate men. Sure they exist. And yet, I don’t think of them as a true representation of what feminism is. On the other side of the equation, there are men who, really think that women are good for just two things: housework and sex. And they would throw themselves under the “traditional” banner. There really is a great deal of misogyny in the world. I view feminism as a concept to counteract that, but admittedly, it can be used in far more dangerous ways. Feminism for me is about recognizing that women are people who deserve to be respected and engaged in all components of society. I see it as a pretty basic and non controversial position.

But apparently I’m in the minority on that. I don’t care. Everyone else is just crazy!

People are getting really crazy with their feminist views as well as their anti-feminist views. For the most part, I don’t identify with either side, anymore. All the people who identify as “feminists” are saying such crazy things, all the people identifying as “anti-feminists” are doing the same. Everything is so polarized these days. This doesn’t bode well for the up and coming generations where men and women are so angry around these gender issues, and there’s no middle ground. I see people weaponizing these terms and using them in endless gender wars that are becoming ever more brutal and vicious. Sadly, the people who they are harming the most, are themselves.

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!