Well…that is tricky. The video seemed above board, but things within didn’t sit right. Zionism, which I know very little about, never seems to be a good thing when brought up in casual conversation. It gets associated with some pretty sick stuff, as does George Soros, and I don’t know what’s true or not…I just know that I’m not down with Isreal bringing 1984 type shit over here…inserting that into our legislation at a vulnerable time.

Then there’s this Q stuff…like seriously what do you think? Wapo cannot be trusted, but at the same time this Q stuff does seem a little cuckoo…the storm has not come for the establishment, not as promised by Q, so how and why do people keep believing? Belief in various kinds of narratives is fascinating.

Here I am spreading the conspiracy theory…not to cause chaos, but simply because I’m fascinated by the kinds of narratives people believe in. Mainstream media will never be able to touch the Q believers, they’ve lost that audience…they are losing…but where this audience is going? I don’t know! This Q stuff is kind of bizarre. Q is like a political Santa Claus that never delivers the goods.

Working with the Light!

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