Well that state was hard hit too…but he’s not my senator, didn’t know his name, and didn’t particular care UNTIL NOW.

Now I think he is RUINING THE JUDICIARY. Everyone in the legal field is astounded by what that shit-show means to our profession. facts don’t matter anymore, standards- which they DRILLED INTO US at my law school, the Scalia School of Law- mean- NOTHING, as the WRONG STANDARD kept being referred to over and over and over again. The beyond a reasonable doubt standard made it impossible to find fault with Kavanaugh. But, the reasonable doubt standard is not applicable to ANYTHING but a criminal trial, and the confirmation hearing is not that. That standard should not have been applied, because it’s a very difficult standard to meet. OJ Simpson probably brutally murdered two people and got off, because the prosecution could not meet that standard. But murder is a crime, getting on the Supreme Court is not.

No one was trying to convict the man of a crime, they were supposed to be judging his fitness for court.

Working with the Light!

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