Well that was pretty dope! I don’t know about the lyrics since I couldn’t understand it, but the beat was pretty fly and the dancing was aight…for white people. Which…You know I’m sorry to say, but most American white people, dancing or rapping, usually it’s like this right here.

But the Russians got a bit more flava than that. I can’t begin to imagine how aggressive it’s getting over there, as it’s also getting pretty aggressive over here. What most Americans lack in street cred, they more than make up for in guns. (Everyone has guns.) So…don’t go thinking it’s like what you see on TV…that we all have AC or life is easy over here. There are plenty of people here without AC or even a place to live. Hundreds of Thousands of houses sit empty while, while hundreds of thousands live on the street. That’s American capitalism for ya. Life is very hard and violent for those at the bottom, and the bottom in America is getting bigger and bigger. So that’s why we are complaining about capitalism. American capitalism is very corrupt, and it looks like Russian capitalism is even more corrupt than American capitalism, but y’all don’t even seem to care, because you say it’s better than communism. And I know that’s true, but still corrupt capitalism only benefits a small, select few truly. And corrupt capitalism brings the drug trade, which is pretty bad. I have seen it destroy entire cities over here. Places in Detroit look like Syria. And that’s the America y’all don’t know about. But believe it. It’s true. Check it out.

Working with the Light!

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