Well that’s exactly what we are on the way to, and the current ICE activity is not remedying this, but actually making it worse. Because they are not targeting the really bad immigrants. Just the everyday ordinary ones who are not affiliated with extensive crime rings. The FBI has been chasing those immigrants for years, and yet they keep getting better and better at what they do. Why is that? Did you ever wonder about that? Probably not.

Part of the reason is that there is no simple solution to this problem. It would require that all levels of state, local and federal government work together to work it out, and not have one agency going all cowboy. That’s definitely going to make this problem much worse. Much, much, much worse. MS-13 is delighted, I’m sure by the Trump Administrations position on immigration. He is helping them out immensely. And here in America we can expect to see even more guns, more drugs and more human trafficking. Such a patriot.

Working with the Light!

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