Well, that’s interesting. I have to admit some of what you are saying is valid. I read all the news , from all the sites and sometimes Fox is fairly unbiased…but people like Oreilly, Hannity, the whole silliness that is Fox and Friends, gives the station a certain flavor that is discrediting. Same with Huffington Post…it entertains to much silliness. Then you start to question everything associated with it.

CNN man! What did Trump do to piss off CNN? They will not let it go! It’s almost comical! “Trump sneezed and his boogers are nuclear green! This proves he’s unfit for office!” I mean clearly he is, but it’s not because of anything CNN is saying. They go hard against Trump.

They all have a certain bias one way or another. It makes them all so hard to trust, and people tire of trying to wade through all the silliness and craziness. But the best way to do it is to read them all, see what all are saying, that’s probably the truth. Pay the most attention to the ones that are specialized like the financial ones. They are not going to lie about anything affecting money. One of my students told me a story about an internet thief Kim.com who was being held without bond, for allegedly stealing films from Hollywood. I couldn’t find any information on him ANYWHERE…and I searched high and low, because I didn’t believe the student’s story and I was trying to disprove it.

Finally, I found a story about the incident on Reuters. They were talking about how much the guy had allegedly stolen. I couldn’t get all the facts about his legal status from that first article, I had to keep searching on it.

But at the end of the day, my student was right. They had snatched the guy up and there were issues with his due process. He really had stolen a whole lot of intellectual property, but still. He should have had his due process. Same thing with Seth Richards. I believe the exact same thing has happened here, except they didn’t lock him up, they just killed him!

He didn’t get his due process and we can’t get a straight story on what the hell happened, but maybe Fox is telling the truth on this one. It’s great that Caitlin Johnstone is following this story with such dedication and diligence, I think it comes from a good place, but when it’s just her and Fox (also probably Breitbart), sadly it’s not going to be entertained by at least half the country, because when you say to half the country “Fox said,” they just tune out. The credibility has been shot.

For what it’s worth, I’m passing her story around, even though she cites Fox as a source, just because this is grimy. Something is rotten In The state of Denmark. We need to figure out what it is and keep people asking questions. Im not saying Caitlin’s take is right (quite honestly the reddit thing is just a little too cloak and daggers for me). But I am saying she can’t be summarily dismissed, which she will be by millions if she sites Fox as a source. So I guess it’s good that she’s sleuthing around Reddit.

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