Well, that’s not entirely true. The white American way of life is built upon the oppression of minorities, and whites always, always, always coming out ahead and on top of minorities-no matter what.

Barrack Obama shook that widely held belief to the core; there where whites who were okay with it, others not so much, not AT ALL. They felt very threatened by the idea of a black president…Trump is backlash.

The Trump parades totally make sense ifcyou understand this about the racist white psyche (and most people of color do); the issue is that most white people don’t understand their own psyches. They don’t understand why they feel so threatened and they wholeheartedly reject that the reason they feel so threatened is that they really, really, really want to oppress minorities.

If you don’t understand yourself AND you are avoiding the dark parts of yourself that you don’t want to understand, then you will do things that don’t make sense and could seem “mysterious” to others who only partially understand the racist white psyche.

You seem have a white identity that is not built around the oppression of others. Good for you! That is spiritually healthy. But you don’t seem to understand that millions of other white people just don’t have this, therefore their very identity is being threatened. When you say “black lives matter” they are very threatened by it, because they feel their white lives can only matter, when black (and other) lives DO NOT. It’s either/or. And in a way, there is some truth to this…but I don’t want to go down that rabbit hole.

Problem is, most do not like to admit this out loud, so they use Trump to do it for them. It’s not mysterious at all.

A white coming out party is exactly what a Trump rally is. I never would have put it in those terms…but that is actually what it is…a strong affirmation of a racist white identity except…they’re not racist…just gaslighting the hell out of themselves.

If you liked this comment, check out the article I wrote expanding the concept on Black Lives Mattering, being a threat to White Supremacy.

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