Well…that’s too broad of a statement. It certainly could be…depends upon the kind of contact. If I were to have contact with Russians and say, “gimme $100 grand, and I will tell ya everything I know about every weakness in the US federal government that I have learned of working inside of it.” Is that legal? I don’t think so. I think that’s pretty illegal. This is why, when you get those federal clearances they probe the extent to which you have had any contact with any foreign individual-pretty extensively.

People are fired from service, for the sins of omission of the Trump administration. And when you excuse this sort of thing, you set a precedence. If Trump Administration gets a pass on clearances…why shouldn’t everyone? And how can you expect hundreds of thousands of federal employees to take the requirements of those clearances seriously, when those in the highest federal offices don’t?

Why should Reality Winner be prosecuted for leaks, when you basically are saying this sort of lax and corrupt behavior is normal.

The standards need to apply equally to everyone, not just the politicians and employees that oppose your political views.

As for whataboutism, valid points. If HRC and Obama were doing similar things, it needs to be stated that all this shady stuff was going on too, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not shady or problematic. The standards need to apply equally to everyone.

HRC and Obama were both Washington savy enough not to engage in their shenanigans, with all of Twitter watching however. Smart, cause if you wanna be a criminal, the goal is not to get caught. And if hyper vigilance about Trump, leads to greater discovery of corruption, good! But we shouldn’t have to stand for it. We shouldn’t throw up are hands with, well the Dems did it, not it’s the Pubs turn, or the Trumps’ turn.

Most of us aren’t in the mood for “what aboutism” cause we are sick and tired of crooked politicians whoever they maybe. Pointing out, it’s been done before, doesn’t make it any better, because if you elected Trump the argument was you wanted something different.

This, according to you, is very much the same, except, I’d add, a much less sophisticated version. That, to me, is what makes it abnormal. If you are going to lie and steal, scheme and plot, at least don’t brag about it on Twitter , (with documentation attached.) Don’t bicker with journalists and blackmail them with a National Enquirer threat. Don’t brag about your intel on Twitter. Don’t fire the head of the FBI, cause you’re irritated he’s doing his job. Don’t pull out of symbolic national agreements and piss of everyone in the damn world, to score some idiotic brownie points with a base that has very little understanding of international relations.

Or do…do all of that and have most people in the country, and the world, deeply questioning your mental state. Because that’s effective.

Actually it’s really not.

There are those who will stick by Trump, no matter what he does, but there are far, far more globally who won’t. Far too many Americans at this point who are just done. Americans who absolutely want to hear not another word, from or about Trump ever. And while there are those who will gloat, “oh but you will, and he won!”

They don’t get it, because that’s entirely beside the point. A nation this divided over it’s leader, has severe internal problems that no leader can fix. No one is winning. Certainly not Trump.


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