Well…the more I try to get to the bottom of it, the more confusing the narrative becomes. I will say this, Richard Spencer, who disgusts me, raised some valid points with regard to his event and his civil rights under the law. And as much as I’d like to dismiss them outright, his concerns can’t be dismissed because the law is the law — and laws are important for the well being of everyone. It would have been a civil rights win, if he could have been the keynote speaker at his rally as scheduled.

But I also know Virginia. It’s not a state big on civil rights. I’ve lived here for over 20 years. It’s a very intense, law and order, uptight state, if you want to march 1000 deep down the street with torches, tiki or other, Charlottesville is not going to allow it, I don’t care who you are. Your best bet would be Richmond.

Now D.C. — totally different story. That’s what the mall is for, and they could have marched and rallied and had a grand old wizard time, cause 1000 protestors that’s D.C. on a Tuesday.

So…what really happened? What happened with the police? I don’t know. I think Charlottesville didn’t want the protestors there, and Charlottesville won that battle legally, by declaring a state of emergency, the police carried out those orders and evacuated the premises where the rally was scheduled.

What would have happened if they didn’t? Nothing nice, because all that Nazi/KKK/ confederate flag conversation (especially the flag) is already very volatile down here, without Richard Spencer lighting the fuse to that particular powder keg. So I think, in retrospect, the governor made the right call, more people would have been hurt and most important to UVA, nice things may have been destroyed.

The South has a long history of not wanting any outsiders to come in and disrupt their local dynamic. And generally the South wins those battles.

I don’t really know who or what Antifa is, except I read an article that stated they where the counter response group to West Coast white supremacists and are based out of Oregon. So it seems a little odd to me, that they would be all the way over here on the East Coast, to counter this one rally. But I guess stranger things are happening.

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