Well this is quite a challenge indeed, find the pro-life people in an anti-life world. And while I certainly agree with you, to find truly prolife people I would have to look outside of Christianity, even in that inquiry, I wonder to what end?

I think we are all aware of pacifists movements…but what has their lasting impact been on the world…just look at the world. I think, even if one is radically and truly prolife, it is still disingenuous to advocate for bringing any sentient being into a world as anti-life as this one is. Things are needed to sustain life, food, shelter, clean air and water. When you bring life into a world or advocate bringing life into a world where these basics are not guaranteed, you are advocating for suffering. And sometimes that suffering is tremendous.

I would counter that the only truly pro-life people in the world, are people who insist upon the recognition of respect and dignity of the sentient being, even as far as granting people the dignity to die as they choose. This idea that people should suffer through horrible illnesses is cruel. If they should want to, then sure. That’s fine, but for some outside agent, government, family etc to force that upon them is cruel, almost as cruel as bringing a new born baby into this world to not be provided with basics.

So I just don’t see the point of having or holding on to a philosophy or an ideology that essentially has no practical application. As long as the world is so anti-life, there is no functional, practical way to even be pro-life, except in theory. It’s like a fairy tale. Sure it sounds lovely. But it is not based in reality. I will check out your husband’s book though.

Working with the Light!

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