Well to be fair Svetlana Voreskova is a Russian…one of those crazy Ann Rand Kinda Russians, which is to say there was a revolution, all their ish got jacked, and they were bitter, bet, very, very bitter, that they got called on all of their greed and senseless oppression and they been trying to get back to were they where ever since. “Oppression is awesome! Some people got to be the backs that I crawl over and beat bloody to win and life is no fun without any of that!”

You know she never says that, but she certainly thinks that and uses a lot of “rightest” Mumbo-jumbo and sound-bighty bullish to sell it.

Yay capitalism! Yay to women and minorities being second class citizens! Yay to a select few oppressing everyone on the planet while they rape it, at the same time! That’s what she stands for.

Working with the Light!

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