Well…Trump has a lot going on that is bizarre and unique to him…but spot on with the animal instincts. I’d say 50 % (or more) of the human population is all about sheer animal instinct, scream loud, bare teeth, thump chest, grab genitals - you win- or not. Still, yes, a lot of people respond tp that. And yet…a lot do not. The media is supposed to be rational, and yet it tends to intellectually bully with its own versions of propaganda and animalistic, bombastic behavior. The sad thing is — especially on the antisemitic issue- rational discourse has completely broken down. Isreals government is as corrupt as any of them, this has nothing to do with Jews or antisemitism, and everything to do with…well corruption! Their prime minister has been charged with several crimes, no? It’s like, really? Media doesn’t have much to say about that…But Omar though! Antisemitism! (and the media screams shows teeth, thumps chest and grabs itself!)

Reason is beyond the point…no one is talking about this, and how 1984 it is. Isreal is freedom! (More screaming, chest thumping and self grabbing!)

Working with the Light!

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