Well, we are clearly reading different sources. As I said in my comments, I check financial news, because I know the truth will be there…no one lies or spins about the facts which are going to impact the stocks and the financial systems. The market does not lie…and apparently the market is spooked about Trumpcare. It is probably spooked about Trumpcare for reasons entirely unrelated to actual healthcare.

But to be fair, it is hard to know what exactly is in the proposed legislation as it is being tinkered with in order to get the Pub House votes required to pass it. The Pubs holding out want all of that stuff gone, (the maternity leave, the birth control, mammogram coverage, substance abuse coverage, pre-existing condition coverage (do you have any idea how expensive that is for insurance companies?)

The fact that it remains is why The Freedom Caucus is calling the Bill Obamacare lite- and why they are promising to vote no on it. Also, doesn’t help that the Koch Brothers are demanding that they vote no.

That’s what my review of the sources I can get my hands on. Some mainstream media, some not. Like I said, Financial sources are the most accurate I find. Care to cite your sources? I have cited one article from The Week, in my first comment. Here is another, an interview with Congressman Pocan.

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