Well we can agree to disagree. But Civil Rights should be civil.

People and governments get pretty upset when they are not civil and life is lost and property is destroyed. Most People hate the former, while vapid and materialistic people and governments and corporations hate the latter.

Civil Rights and Civil Disobedience — are one thing. Intimidation tactics, looting, rioting, terrorizing are quite another.

And so, the moment that line is crossed, governments and police are going to shut it down, as quickly as they can. There is always that balance between safety and freedom. Virginia is not — it never has been, in my opinion, a particularly free state.

I have lived here for 20 years and jokingly call it the Nazi state, because it has so many damn strict, strict, strict rules around any sort of public engagement. How you drive your car, (you have to register abou 10 different things), how you pay your taxes (we got tons of them, and you had better pay all of them or the state will come after you gangsta like.) How you mow your lawn. (Keep it mowed.) When you wake and when you sleep. (Seriously, they don’t want people out after dark without a good reason.)

I grew up in Ohio, which was nothing like this. In Ohio you could drive your car, two city blocks in reverse, and not even get pulled over. Just try it in Virginia…that’s a never get out of jail free sort of offense. You will pay, and pay dearly.

It is a very upright sort of state.

So just realistically, in Virginia, if your civil disobedience involves rolling 1000 deep down the street with torches shouting blood and soil OR pigs in a blanket — you will get shut down. That is not something that the state of Virginia would allow to pop off.

Have you ever heard the phrase when in Rome? It’s a damn good cliche, for damn good reason!

Now, Richard Spencer, seemed to be on point with being in compliance with regard to everything that was asked of him, but he can’t vouch for 1000 people! He can’t control 1000 people. And I know this state…as soon as the slightest odd thing started to pop off, Virginia was on it.

It used to annoy me that the state was such a fricking Nazi state…all the taxes, all the nonstop oversight by local police. Virginia residents are policed heavily.

But you know what I realize, now, being older and wiser? It keeps us safe. When I look at other cities and states and how they have basically gone to hell in a hand basket, I am thankful for Virginia’s heavy law and order hand.

Virginia is organized and on point — and it’s not going to tolerate a lot of craziness.

People have the right to say almost anything, it’s true. But it doesn’t happen in a vacuum. Context matters. Charlottesville is not the time or the place for that which was said and done this weekend.

I am well aware that there are civil rights lawyers who disagree. But honestly, I think they are being super unrealistic about a lot of powder keg situations.

This weekend, one exploded.

Working with the Light!

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