Well yes, but for that matter any writer or journalist will be. What is more concerning to me is if the writer/media is trying to push a certain agenda. And, certainly Cait is as well, but there are certain parts of her agenda that resonate with me.

I certainly don’t agree with everything she posts, and she is probably controversial by design. But she is, I think, another voice that needs to be heard. She’s the only big voice asking questions about all the media coverage Charlottesville received and I think it’s a good question.

Something about the whole entire episode doesn’t smell right, as if certain parts of it were purposely orchestrated. The Vice documentary for example. I think that was a bit of anti-Nazi propaganda, which is to say I don’t think any of that was authentic. It was all appropriately scripted and rehearsed for the purpose of frightening people. Yes, Psycho Nazis are terrible especially when they delight in killing people — but when you show me a documentary on an individual who is only all about that, well it insults my intelligence.

Nothing is so clearly black and white, wrong or right and lacking in complexity. I know I am being manipulated into hating and fearing Nazis, instead of having compassion for them, which is what a more complex and nuanced piece would cause. I’ve actually read a very nuanced and complex piece about Nazis a good 20 years ago. It received so much backlash from people who wanted the story to fit into these rigid good/evil paradigms that, the media learned what it should do in order to get the response it desired.

And the mass media has become so much more sophisticated in all of its manipulation techniques since. Independent voices like hers do more harm than good I think.

Do you disagree? I’m curious. Do you think all media is a waste of time at this point? How will we learn the truth about events that happen, where we weren’t around to observe them? And…does it even matter? I think that a Buddhist might say it does not.

Working with the Light!

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