Well yes…I don’t mean to be irresponsible or flippant, though my suggestions certainly come across as that. But I am actually thinking bigger, grander, broader than traditional thoughts- and that was my whole point. I love that you were able to control your own reproductive experiences naturally. You yourself stated “It was very empowering.” I think that stories like yours should be discussed more frequently- just to get the idea that it is possible — out there. Because it could be like the 4 minute mile. Initially, it was believed that no one could run it. Then, one man broke the record, and then people started breaking that record worldwide — without even hearing about the guy who actually broke it! It’s quite an amazing story that shows all of us the lack of confines on the human experience.

I would like for women to entertain the idea that they can control their bodies, without outside intervention, because of poverty, because of lack of access, because the external alternatives almost always lead to a lack of agency for women who are less affluent. These women should be able to feel as if they can have some options, some control, if the other options have been shut down.

I believe western medicine, with all of it’s notoriously violent solutions to health care (“cut, burn kill” for cancer really? really!!!!) primarily serves the best interests of those seeking to make a profit, and rarely serves the best interest of women.

And also, there is this idea, gaining popularity with certain types of men, (rape should be legal- that’s a thing now) that women should have no control over their bodies, that in fact men, should control them, is just so preposterous, we have to counter those thoughts with thoughts of our own. Women can have control over their bodies. It is possible. For too long, women have labored under the false assumptions that men, (and men do to) that because they are physically bigger and stronger, than women they are superior in all ways. To that end, we wait for them to find solutions to our reproductive problems? We wait for permission for them to tell us what to do with our bodies? This is utterly ridiculous. And I think we have far more control over our bodies than we think that we do.

Both genders have their positive and negatives, but when it comes to birthing babies - this needs to be entirely the province of women, and to that end, we need to create our own solutions, with no intervention from men, most of whom are utterly clueless as to the way our bodies even work! I kept having to explain to a man, who clearly should have known better, that a hysterectomy is not the same thing as getting ones tubes tied. Every time I would correct him, he’d say, “same/same.” Just why? So finally, to drive my point home, I said, “it’s kind of like saying a vasectomy is the the same as castration.” Modern medicine’s astounding ignorance about the female body, is caused by men who think along these lines. How can we trust these people to advise us, or make any decisions about or bodies? We cannot. So…as women we just need to be way more proactive about sexual health, by any and all means necessary. I think we both can agree on that.

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!