Well you can disagree all you want, but the truth is the truth -and even when you see the truth on video and hear it in stereo, so many whites seem to be able to do all kinds of mental gymnastics in order to not see anything wrong with six police officers relentlessly beating one man, and referring to him with all kinds of racial slurs. And yet that kind of willful blindness sparked off riots in LA well over 20 years ago. I’m guessing a poet, you are not, as those poet types generally seem to get it; if not on an intellectual level, at least an intuitive one.

The poem above speaks to everything we are actually revealing in this discourse. You are white. You have had the privilege of seeing a bright, shiny, hopeful America. If you are a boomer, then you have probably seen the best that America had to offer. I am black, a gen Xer and very light-skinned and so I’ve actually seen both Americas. I’ve seen your bright, shiny, hopeful America, but I’ve also seen the dark, dull, desperate and despairing America that a huge portion of African-Americans have been purposefully trapped within, by certain Powers that be, so that you can have your illusions of the bright, shiny, hopeful America, among other things. And you are desperately resisting the truth about America, and why wouldn’t you? It takes a tremendous amount of courage to say, hey you know what, so many of the privileges that I enjoy have been at expense of a cruel and ruthless oppression of other people. Very few white people, I find, are courageous enough to make that admission. Unfortunately, or fortunately depending on your perspective everything is cyclical. And the two Americas — segregated for so long- are converging and transforming into something all together different and it was inevitable.

You are — at best- naive about police. I’m not saying that all of them kill blacks for sport, but I am asserting that SOME definitely do, and they are not held accountable. They hide behind the blue wall of silence. Where is the explanation behind the senseless murder of Philando Castile? What is the name of the officer who shot him? Why isn’t this information in the public record? Don’t the people who witness that reckless murder have a right to know WHY it occurred? Are you so calloused to the feelings and experiences of African-Americans, that you really can’t understand how or why seeing someone who looks like your brother or cousin, shot by a police officer, someone who is supposed to represent law and order, and then never being provided with ANY SORT OF REASON as to why such a horrific tragedy occurred, would fill you with anger and disgust with regard to the alleged “American Values?” (Especially if you’ve seen it for a very long time. I have seen police brutality except used against blacks,personally. I’ve personally seen what was done to Rodney King, being done to black males who just happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. Are you really that dense, or blind, or willfully ignorant that you can so easily discredit the life experiences and extreme pain of a class of people who are not only American, but played an absolutely critical role in building the damn country FOR FREE. My house negro ancestors were not paid for their contributions to America. They did it FOR FREE. And you want to talk to me, with such condescension, about my lack of understanding about American Values?

I know all about American Values- all of them. I know that my grandfather, who served proudly and bravely in WWII, CRIED, he was an old grown man WHO CRIED, when he reported to me the extreme racism that African-Americans experienced when they came back from that war, after being sold the same old story about freedom, justice for all, to get them to go to that war.

And the exact same thing happened to Native Americans, who played a crucial role in that war, with their codes that were unbreakable. How were they rewarded? With reservations that have been endlessly poisoned in all sorts of ways; and they are dying like Jews in the holocaust. This is pure evil. All American values are not good ones. We have to come to terms with the real legacy that is America. America said one thing, and did another thing entirely. America is largely hypocritical with regard to the whole liberty and justice for all thing. Don’t get me started on the suffragettes and their struggles.

And in all of this, we have much bigger problems. Have you checked out the weather lately? How are the farmers supposed to work in this? Nothing is stable. How can they grow food with seasons as unpredictable as this? Water is a huge issue. How are we going to continue to feed ourselves? The farmers have been under attack for at least 30 years, forced into methods of farming they didn’t want to adopt. Why is this? We need to stop blaming one another, think critically about the problems facing us and think hard about what the solutions can be. Because they are out there.

Farmers and police are absolutely necessary and critical to the stability of any civilization. But we are in a point and time when both are in desperate need of assistance. A good cop, due to the actions of a few bad ones, has to work twice and maybe three times as hard to effectively do his/her job, due to the current racial climate. Bad ones are gleeful. Bad cops are just like the criminals they interact with, they see an opportunity to seize and exploit a situation; and they do it. Black people are done with standing by idly and saying or doing nothing, while bad cops play Klan. Good cops need to take a stand too, it so funny how when this is mentioned all the pro-cop people suddenly fall silent. Nothing much to say about cops being a part of the solution — why is that?

You assert very vaguely, changes need to be made, justice should be served, but these are just bland phrases that offer no solutions when people are literally dying on the streets every day. I always wondered how normal German people turned into Nazi monsters…well now I see. This is how.

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!