Well you certainly do have it all figured out. Here’s what I realize, you are deeply entrenched in your position and unwilling to consider any other perspectives at this time. That may change, and I hope it changes, because you are only dealing with half truths. You want to You believe the corruption in our system is democratic or republican — it’s both and neither. But you only want to see democratic corruption and are completely blind to the republican side of it. Everyone is waking up to all the corruption, just in pieces. BLM is going to do there thing, you are going to do your thing which is vote for Trump, which is just as destructive as all the things BLM is doing. Anyone who responds with violence, anger and destruction is playing into what the corrupt powers that be want. They want you to elect an unhinged president, who tweets about sex tapes in predawn hours, so that when he does something totally insane, like nuke China and jump off WWIII, there will be a scapegoat to blame, Trump and his supporters.

It’s not gonna happen though, people are waking up. Here’s what you have to do, if you really want to make things better, stop giving your power to these corrupt systems. Just stop. Don’t do it. You want to vote for Trump? You think that’s the right thing to do? Fine. Do that. Don’t be freaking out about BLM, obviously that’s not your battle and you don’t want to fight it. You don’t have to. You don’t have to concern your self with that at all. What you do have to concern your self with is what can you do to help, to make things better? If you don’t know, ask your higher power for guidance. Here is the reality of the situation, the America that you once new is gone. It’s breaking down. Something entirely different is replacing it. These things are always painful and sad, but how you personally fare in all of this depends on you. How you conduct yourself, the wolf you feed. If you succumb to violence, fear and hate, corrupt powers will have their way with you. You have to wake up, move beyond all these illusions that are being put I place to scare you. Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists. Understanding this is where your power lies.

Working with the Light!

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