Well you have a point, and I’m not really disputing anything said here, I guess I am scratching my head with the thought, “and you think Trump’s a better choice?”

I mean we are at a point where extremes on both sides of the congame are just losing it, with good reason…they can’t get the basic things needed to live. Good jobs, decent housing, healthcare, cars, food. They want someone to blame, and yes all have been trained to play this game of blaming a Pub or A Dem, but it’s a stupid game that no one really wins.

I voted for Hillary because I really believed she was the lesser of two evils, and now I am considering that I may have been wrong. Not because I think Trump is doing an awesome job, but mainly because he’s not. Because he doesn’t know how to work that Washington DC machine the way Hillary does, and his damage is limited by his lack of political know how. This wouldn’t have been the case for Hillary.

Actually, this is playing out well for all parties involved. A journalist just observed that the media keeps America in a state of panic, anxiety and fear over Trump (and yeah well they do, it’s great for ratings, not so great for Trump, not so great for people on the fringes of either side who get caught up in the hysteria).

But what is happening, is that tons of Everyday Americans are finally waking up to what is going on within our political system, and desperately trying to change it. We are finally paying attention to all sorts of things we have never paid attention to: foreign policy for one, cabinet picks for two, deep state for three, the inner workings of the federal government four.

But mostly we are paying attention to things at the local level. We are coming together within communities, we are showing up at Town Halls, we are saying hey stop destroying my community with these nutso destructive policies!

And you know, with Hillary there wouldn’t have been this sort of upset and uproar, well at least not on the left, maybe on the right.

Trump has done those on the left a tremendous favor, and probably those on the right to. They’ll see it eventually -the Dems and Pubs could care less about any of us. If we want to build a better nation, we are all largely on our own; and we’re going to do it at the local levels.

Working with the Light!