Well you pulled it off! Beyoncé and Plato! You did it! God job! I thought it was a stretch.

It is often said, (and seriously amongst fanatics who gossip about such things) that Beyoncé sold her soul to the devil. Now this is a familiar trope about popular musicians. I largely ignored it about Beyoncé until I saw Lemonade, an hour long music video where she was throwing so much mythology, so many ancient Goddesses ( and or demons) so much utterly bizarre symbolism at the viewer, that one simply could not ignore that Beyoncé was trying to say SOMETHING, that was far from traditional. Far, far, far from it.

As a student and teacher of literature, I was intrigued. I began researching the symbolism…some of it was disturbing. One can easily tie it into a lot of illuminati type of conspiracy theories, if you’re into that sort of thing, which a lot of people are. I wasn’t particularly, until I started researching the symbolism in Beyoncé’s videos and public appearances. She uses a lot of really strange symbols and images, and I couldn’t help but wonder why?

Here are some questions I have about it:

Is she being demonized because she is bumping up against social norms? (You didn’t even touch on the Black/White controversy and how she brought the female black panthers to the Super Bowl…and the country went ape…bless your heart.)

Is she demonizing herself because, well, I’m guessing that too helps to sell records?

Or, is she really into some Satanic religion of sorts?

Robert Stacy McCain accused Laci Green, (a You Tube celebrity, with a mildly feminist perspective) of being a part of a Satanic Death Cult (because of her feminists leanings.) I thought he was being nuts.

But given his propensity to throw feminists into satanic death cults, What in the World, does he think of Beyoncé? (Who many would argue is in a Satanic Death Cult.)

But, why do people think this? Is it because she dares to boldly challenge societal norms? Or, is there really something dark about Beyoncé? Is it ethical to put subliminal messages in pop music? And if she’s messing around with modes, and basses and chords, then what else could be lurking in the music? There is actually a video on YouTube, that plays Single Ladies backwards and claims, that what she is really saying, is something along the lines of: war is coming, Satan wants war, and the people are scared.

I personally think this is utter nonsense, and that when you play music backwards, you can claim to hear all kinds of stuff in it. It’s like reading tea leaves. Did John bury Paul? Or do we just think we heard that, because everyone says it’s there and backwards music sounds so strange.

There is this: There are strange and addictive sounds in Beyoncés music. I used to think her music was silly and simple, but catchy. I always wanted to sing along even if the lyrics were slightly ridiculous sounding.

Feminism in the music. Well, only a musical theorist could argue these points, but if she is essentially taking the Bass out of things (sorry that’s about all I got from this), I follow your argument and inquiry! Does that ultimately send a message that men are unimportant? Is that a subliminal message that masses are taking from Beyoncé’s music? I have no idea! But it’s interesting.

The music and the images she uses to express SOMETHING, again I’m not entirely sure what, has become compelling, clearly. She’s got a musical theorist from Stanford analyzing every note? Clearly more to Beyoncé’s music, than meets the ear.

Working with the Light!