Well you shouldn’t trick people out of reading articles you think have merit!

Because I will never entertain the ideas spouted from the horse-faced demon. Nope. So don’t be playing those kinds of “identity politics” tricks. I don’t care for Coulter’s “I hate anything not ugly and white like me” sort of “identity politics.”

And just so you know, the term is being thrown back atcha… “white identity politics” is very much a thing now. So yeah, Trump is now officially the mascot for “white identity politics.”

Be careful of the think tank bull you spout, it can and most likely will be used against you.

I’ve read plenty of conservative scholars who know how to tell the truth, and are real about what the hell is happening in America.

Charles Murray is one. But, he’s not Anne Coulter, and realizing he can only get the ratings (and therefore the money) by doing that horse-faced demon bullshit, he delivers fear and hate in the adequate doses to get the Fox News payday, from time to time. But I will get around to reading the article, since horse-face didn’t write it.

Working with the Light!

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