Well you’d be wrong! Says the woman pretty well versed in the variety of facets in the collective consciousness that is Black America.

But I didn’t mean to imply that white supremacists were responsible for the election of Donald Trump. Neither was racism the sole factor in the election of Donald Trump, but it certainly was a factor. I don’t know why this tends to bother some Trump supporters. I don’t know why they want to distance themselves from this factor so completely, and I’m just being honest.

Most white people freak when you mention racism. But It’s just a fact of life, especially in America. And yes most white Americans are racist, but they’re not alone, most people are racist. And what I mean by that is most Americans ascribe to the American class and caste system and racism has played a huge factor in the creation of that system.

And also believe me when I say, Trump’s racism is largely irrelevant. Whether people believe that he is or he isn’t, it doesn’t matter. He is a vehicle bringing forth that which has always been there, and if it wasn’t him it would be someone else.

To me, of all the defenses to make for Trump, the idea that he and his supporters aren’t racist, is one of the most futile and unimportant ones. Some people really want to be viewed as not racist, and want Trump to be viewed that way also. It’s wasted time and energy, almost everyone is racist. Trump and his people are some of the more honest ones. Let’s just accept this and move on to bigger problems.

I agree with almost all your points here. My but you are always so reasonable, yes the primary factors were and always will be, (with Trump and any other candidate) economic. Hungry people are angry people and will vote for anything that will alleviate that hunger.

It’s a tragedy though, that most Americans have no idea of the economic systems our country utilizes — a mixture of capitalism and socialism- and have no idea how those systems have been breaking down over the past 50 years. Just no idea. Wages haven’t risen since 1970, meanwhile the cost of food has gone through the roof, and the quality has sunk to the gutter. No politician speaks to this, ever, because to try to change this politically is nearly impossible, with lobbyists breathing down their necks ever demanding that they do just the opposite.

It’s ridiculous to think any President can fix these problems. FDR tried…and he had 16 years to work that out. He put in place most of the socialist safety nets to offset rampant corrupt capitalism, but the political machine has been chipping away at that since the 70s…and here we are.

Trump can’t fix this, and further more being a globalist (which is basically a global capitalist) he has zero incentive to do so. You seem to believe that he does. That Trump is an individual who will altruistically act against his own best interest? I’ll never believe it brother, and I am curious how someone as intelligent as yourself could fall for what is obviously a con.

But then again, I grew up in the hood, which is to say, urban black America where there is a Trump on every corner. And they hustle and con people out of welfare checks and food stamps. One of the reasons they never worked on me, is I have never known that sort of financial desperation that would make a person subscribe to a fantasy.

There are no free rides, free lunches or free money and seeing all types of cons again and again and again, we’ll its like advertising. I am immune to it. I bet your life has been different, you’ve not seen how these cons run, and Trump and his confidence game, well you can’t recognize it as such. And he’s good, I’ll give you that. He appeals to pretty base emotions, that’s so smart, as it’s so easy to basically program people into whatever he wants them to do, that way.

I’m pretty unemotional, and believe me that has it’s drawbacks certainly, but a good effect is I don’t fall for cons, or cult of personalities or really any emotional bullshit that would tie me to another person’s con. Ever aloof, ever distrustful of every damn body. I think it’s too much, in my particular case. But upside? I ain’t gone fall for no con…not in the hood, not in Appalachia, not in the White House with Trump or Obama (cause yeah they both have game) but Obama’s cons were waaaaaaay less obvious, and therefore more insidious and dangerous, and they’re not what you think or what gets discussed in the news, they’re actually far more disturbing, my God, the shit that man put on the books, you’d think the powers that be are preparing for Armageddon. And maybe they are.

A lot that happened under that administration had me going, WTF, Obama? Really?!?! Oh did he ever implement a lot of dark shit. But it never gets discussed in the media. Not even by the Fox and Breitbart pundits who had an incentive to use this against him. But no, they stuck to sheeple misinformation, while I on the other hand actually read legislation.

People should try it sometimes. It’s utterly fascinating how boldly legislators can be in tackling the demise of just about every constitutional right we Americans ever had. And economic rights, like for example, the right to a decent wage, the right to negotiate with one’s employer, the right to own property…these rights have been ever under attack, ever since they’ve been on the books.

But It never gets discussed in the media. John Hopkins, why do you think this is?

Racism in America is extraordinarily complex, and I have no desire to get into it with you either, as the conversation will likely go nowhere. Being white, you have pretty set views about it, which I’ll never change. The same is true for me, being black, but not only that, a certain kind of black, one close to the line, the colorline that is, which allows me to see the issue from a perspective that very few people get to enjoy. I can see that white side of it, and the black side of it — and believe me, when it comes to Appalachia, I see nothing but victims of America’s racist class system. Nothing but…problem is they can’t see it. Absolutely refuse to see it…that’s unfortunate for them.

But back to Blacks and Trump, certainly he had his black supporters. (It’s a big country.) But they are few and far between as most blacks recognize, quite accurately, that Trump is a very clear threat to their survival, in the same way that he is a threat to the survival of Appalachians. Sadly, Appalachians don’t get it; and I don’t know why that is knowing so little about that culture, but I do know this, Appalachians, much like farmers, are a class of Americans who are always losing…always. If whites had a better understanding of their own class system, that is used by wealthier whites against poorer ones, (and how racism affects that system) this might not be the case.

But we’ve been playing divide and conquer games in America for so long, we don’t even recognize what they are. It’s just the water we swim in.

I must admit, I find you interesting, Steve McGrath…we are on two different sides of a political divide that is vast…and yet our views really aren’t all that different. I would surmise that your culture and life experiences places certain holes in your knowledge base, that if properly filled, you’d be more like me, trusting no one.

I’ve been exposed to many different cultures and worldviews, and here is what I’ve learned, all the world operates like the hood, the cons run just become more sophisticated, the higher up the social economic scale you travel. Right now, for example America is running a shell game that is really pissing the entire world off…how long can we keep this up? Who knows.

I’m not really mad at Russia either…cause Russians got to eat to…and America has been keeping food off Russian plates for quite some time. But then too, so has Russia. Russia is hungry and pissy, with the world. To think this country would ever be an American ally, is to fundamentally misunderstand what motivates Russia. Naw they don’t want to be our friend. And honestly? I think that idea comes from a deep racist paranoia around the white American population numbers dwindling.

Let’s import Russians! That’s a quick fix, right? Maybe for some Russians, who seem to be more hood, than the hoodiest, hoodrats I know, but it’s not going to change what’s currently happening in white America.

The stats on the demographic changes have been predicted and known for some time now, and if the powers that be wanted this to play out differently (with a white majority being maintained) that would have happened.

Honestly? They are uninterested. China and India have more honors kids, than America has kids; and the powers that be are far more interested in leveraging that intellectual capital for cheap. Many of these Asians are being quietly imported. The Chinese population, for example, in my hometown Cleveland, Ohio, has exploded. They roll deep and aggressively…The Chinese are on some different shift! But much more accostumed to taking whatever is provided and making it work. Power structures like this. American power, quite honestly, no longer cares to invest in Americans. But America has quite honestly always played this game, taking the best from all the world, and paying very little for it.

Globalism is a real force to be reckoned with. Trump can’t stop it, nor does he want to. He wants to cash in on it, and figured the American presidency was as good a vehicle as any other. Whether that will be true for him, time will tell. But what he is not, what he will never be, is for the Everyman. I sincerely question how you could think that, when there is so much evidence to the contrary. He has bullied small business into bankruptcy. He can’t get top legal representation because he has a reputation for failing to pay his legal bills. He has had several bankruptcies, which at a certain point is criminal. When you have zero intention of repaying borrowed money, that’s stealing. Bankruptcy is just a legal way to do it, and with a good legal team it’s a pretty easy thing to do, especially once you file the first time. You basically have a template. He has used this template time and time again, and has destroyed business that worked with him. How anyone could believe someone like this would consider the average American, is beyond me. It’s like thinking Amazon is rooting for the average American, or Walmart. Most modern industries are Trojan horse destructive to the American way of life, and Trump’s industries are certainly no different. They are not going to change just because he is the President, in fact Trump is only making all of these industries more vicious and cut throat, as this serves him personally.

And Trump supporters want to pretend there is no conflict of interest? There always is, but with Trump it’s ridiculous to pretend otherwise, but people do.

Why am I telling you all of this? Surely you must have heard this all before, and have never been moved to consider the veracity of any of it.

Or…maybe you have. Maybe you just feel like you have no other options but to back this Trump horse and see where it takes you. I am just curious! How could someone as intelligent and perceptive as yourself, fall for it.

Is it all in the emotions? Are they really that powerful? What in the f@ck does Trump make you feel? I am pretty sure, I’ve never felt that for anyone.

Well, all this economic stuff can be a real downer, but honestly? I’m optimistic that we’re going to figure something out. People all over the globe are waking up to this ancient elite con and hustle- and they sick of it! I think a change is going to come. Trump just might be the impetus we need.

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