Well…you’re quite the optimist. I would say, meh, it’s highly debatable, at this point. There is an angry identitarian right, just as much as there is an angry identitarian left. If white supremacy isn’t angry (around identity) then clearly no one else is. Since Trump has been on the scene, dog whistling to white supremacy, there has been all kinds of violence toward and bullying of all sorts of minorities.

So since you identify with alt-right, maybe you can stop that destructive campaign. But I doubt it. We have an Israel-Palestinian sort of conflict going on between white and black America. There are extreme views and severe distrust on both sides. This has been going on for centuries.

But, the black-white issue is hardly the point in America. That’s old America. New America is multicultural and race will matter less and less. America is truly the home and hub of multiculturalism, and especially because of the IT revolution, American capitalism, which is now global capitalism, sees great value in multiculturalism. The economic systems are driving multiculturalism and feminism and a lot of the isms that people on the right absolutely hate. But there’s just no stopping Mark Zuckerberger from going to Nigeria and doing whatever he wants to do over there. Do you really think that there is? Do you think there is any stopping him from bringing Nigerians over here if that is what he wants to do? Nah. New elite doesn’t like borders. They get in their way.

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