Well…you’re talking to different women than I am. I don’t kid myself into thinking that HRC cares about women or people. I don’t kid myself into thinking any politician does. I know the game. I know how it’s played. Most people, however, are endlessly clueless about this; and they believe that these politicians say what they mean! It is beyond ridiculous! They almost never deliver what they promise, but at least some of them try.

Anyway Trump had lots of people in America freaking out. They are voting against him. I live in a very multicultural area, and I’m here to tell you — all the immigrants are voting against him. They are organizing and showing up. They only do that when they feel freaked out and threatened. Blacks and women are highly motivated to vote against Trump.

White men, and some white women are highly motivated to vote for Trump. Ga-ga for Trump. And many are refusing to vote at all. Anyway, that’s what I see living in a suburb right outside of DC. It’s totally different in different parts of the country. My friend lives in Trump county in rural Pennsylvania. Everyone is for Trump there. Trump signs as far as the eye can see…and yet, predictions show HRC carrying the state, and also probably carrying Virginia as well, because of all of the suburbs like mine.

Anyway, most women know she’s just giving lip service to whatever she’s claiming she’s going to do for women, they just feel, and very strongly I might add, that Trump will do even less; and they’re probably right.

The female fears of being raped are deep and primal. Most women will leave a store immediately if they are accidentally touched on their butts. The head shrinkers have studied this sort of thing. The Trump tapes are the equivalent of that, most Republicans know this and that’s why they attempted to distance themselves from him.

Like I said before, Trump and HRC are different kinds of wrong, but both are potentially very dangerous. Unfortunately, most Americans don’t understand why HRC is so dangerous, meanwhile Trump broadcasts the dangers he poses daily and loudly.

The WWIII thing is incredibly frightening- but that’s not in the emails! If it were, then at least we would know what is at stake.

Now, you might think this is beyond ridiculous, but some psychics are predicting that neither will be President. What do you think of that? These are truly very bizarre times.

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!