“We’ve lost our religion, our culture, our Gods…and many of us, by the way we act, we’ve even lost our minds.” I think that’s a Malcolm X quote, he was talking about Black Americans, but these days it applies to all Americans.

We have lost our religion (capitalism with a Jesus facade).

We have lost our culture (freedom, put on a mask and shut the f@ck up alone in your house, listening to whatever Big Tech Brother tells you to.)

We have lost our Gods (no not really, but we have lost the illusion of American Presidents who pretend to give a damn about anything thing that impacts the ordinary American citizen.)

This has caused so many to literally lose their minds. Many Americans are still deeply entrenched in partisan nonsense…even though it’s obvious…come on…there’s really no “partisan” warfare at all. There is the illusion of one…and why waste any energy on that?

Everything is extremely swirly right now. Good is bad and bad is good. No really!

The two “parts”are all mixed together, united in one goal, and you have articulated plainly exactly what that goal is and the devious methods by which it is being accomplished.

Let me ask you this, why so much censorship and attack on free speech now? Isn’t it curious? It’s 2020 and suddenly we all have to shut up about everything and just do as we are told.

Working with the Light!

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