What about Fox News? Surely they have the Nazi a platform and backed him up as a swell guy. The corporate media machine, as it stands now, seems to only exist for the purpose of terrifying people and emitting a fear frequency that’s lethal.

Every day, at least 3 times a day, Fox has headlines like: “3 year old decapitated on Disney tea cup ride.”

What is the purpose? People who watch Fox News are frightened, angry, prone to violence and endlessly unhappy. They live in a hellacious, terrifying world, that has been constructed carefully by Fox.

The news no longer informs, it agitates, which is why Spiritually evolved people are tuning it out in droves.

I have a Roku TV…and the only thing that’s “free” on it, is the “news.”

But nothing is ever really free…not from those jokers! The price of admission is your fear and terror. It feeds the predatory machine you so aptly described in many of your articles. Fear is very costly, but love is free and real.

When you anchor in the frequency of love, it is impossible to hate and fear. And when you can’t connect to the fear frequency, you can’t be a destructive force in the world.

And so, the very best thing any of us can do, at this point, is stay out of the fear frequency. I know it’s much easier said than done, but this is the work.


Working with the Light!

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