What exactly is it that you disagree with? I never said the rhetoric of anti-racism was not problematic (though I doubt white supremacy is its biggest problem.)

What I take issue with is the attempt by white people (deeply wedded to concepts of white supremacy) to control and shut down the conversations that white people less wedded to concepts of white supremacy, want to have about race and their racial identity.

White people policing other white people on the conversations they are permitted to have about race is very Klannish.

The Klan made sure to deeply control every thought, emotion conversation and action around race in small Southern towns. Now the Klan has gone virtual. The Klan trolls are everywhere, and they are finally getting shut down, kicked off of social media sites for all that Klan shit that people are quite tired of.

Subtle white supremacy is everywhere, yes even among the well-meaning anti-racist.

But blatant white supremacy, results in bodies hanging from trees so, (and yeah that's still a thing) so I will take this subtle white fragility sort of white supremacy, any day over that. It seems to be a vast improvement...if you ask me.

Working with the Light!

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