What hurts? The world today? So many are hurting, just over the state of it. Over the tragic fates of so many within it.

You’re not alone. ACIM might be helpful to you. It’s not for everyone, admittedly, but if you want to feel peaceful inside…honestly? It works. I don’t know how…it’s a weirdly mystical book.

But the only way I can get any peace about this world, any at all, is to adopt a spiritual perspective. That’s the only way any of this makes any sense to me. Because if you approach this world with a purely physical/material-worldly-perspective, you will want out of it, if you’re a thinking/feeling person. Only soulless monsters can abide what so much of this world seems to have become.

ACIM teaches not to get caught up in the world, because all the world is is your own projection…now to even begin to understand that, you have unlearn everything you think you know about the world. And that’s what ACIM tries to teach.

Is a hard course…I’ve been studying for years! I don’t pretend to understand, but so much of it.

But it has saved my life, that much I can assure. Maybe you give it a try? You can download it on your phone for free.

Working with the Light!