What I struggle with is why so many people are utterly terrified of facing the truth, about a whole host of things, from racism in America to climate change to stagnant wages, to the truth about capitalism and socialism.

The media feeds people idiotic sound bites, that are simplistic and fear filled and yet people cling to them, as if they are the purest form of truth.

The saddest thing I have observed over the past 20 years or so, at least in the Average American is either a deep resistance to critical thinking — or an unwillingness to engage in it with regard to polarizing topics (which is to say, there are critical thinkers, but they refuse to either think about certain topics, or they refuse to share their thoughts on such topics.)

I believe this is a part of the reason our nation is in such a divided and conflicted state, not only are millions of people just refusing to THINK, they also FEEL and FEED FEAR, as opposed to a whole host of better feeling and serving emotions.

And yet, the answers to anyone’s personal misery are thinking (seriously people need to just allow themselves to THINK) and feeling outside the realm of fear. And they’re related. The more critically one is able to think, the more easily they can escape fear, which is largely based on ignorance.

Working with the Light!

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