What I wonder is who in the fock is listening to CNN or Fox and what the Fock are they perpetually on? Crack? Meth? You gotta be some kind of addict to be tuned into any of that crazy bullshit!

Either Fox or CNN (does it really matter at this point? no it doesn’t) was writing done bullshit of the ramifications of the behavior of Joe Biden’s DOG. Yeah you heard me right HIS DOG!

I know white people live dogs and all…I get that…but now we predicating world politics around Biden’s dog’s behavior (this was probably Fox), really? Really!!!!!

They running tests yall to see how fucking STUPID people STILL ARE! Despite everything. Despite killing a man in broad daylight, they still testing how many stupid, stupid DUMB fucks, can we brainwash into thinking this is okay.

They are testing…this is a test, to see if your brain is still stupid and malleable just like they want it to be.

And…if you watching the mainstream media and believing it, you are passing. You are passing the tests with flying colors you fucking livestock you!

Enjoy your lil barn warehouse cubicle they got prepped for you…enjoy!

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!