What in the world? Are you trying to make one of your satirical points here? I guess your point is I would kill my would-be, gun-toting hero. You’re probably right!

My sister loves to talk about one of her more dramatic heroics of saving a white boy who was overdosing on heroine. She says he was standing there, shivering and blue, and then he just went down. Right before her eyes…and his buddy just stood there, dazed and confused. He didn’t even say anything about it.

She has medical training, so she knew exactly what to do when he stopped breathing. So she tells her CPR story, which happened in the parking lot of a convenience store.

I always tell her, “you’re a good one because all I would know to do, in that situation, is scream: help! Help! Help! Someone help!” And who knows if anyone like my sister would have been around to save the day?

And that’s pretty much true for me and anyone. “Help! Help! Help!” Everyone can count on me for that, but beyond that, I’m not much of a lifesaver, so…don’t count on me for that job, ever.

But every time my sister tells this story, I obsess over the conscious friend. Why didn’t he do anything? At the very least say anything? “Help! Help! Help!” I mean come on! It’s the least anyone could do! My sister says he was too high.

Moral to the story? Every heroine addict needs a designated non-nodder. A true friend, to stop the overdose. If you can’t count on your buddies to save your life, who in the hell can you count on?

Apparently random strangers, who have been trained to do such things. They’re not going to stop because Son of Baldwin wrote a rant. They don’t even stop when terrorist groups like ISIS or the Klan or an anti-life component of a government regime try to stop them. (yeah, killing and bombing the rescue workers is a thing now). I believe these people are everyday angels. No one is going to stop them from being at whatever time and place they are meant to be, doing their thing.

Sooooo, there is no danger of them stopping what they do. But, there is a real danger of the various types violent factions of America tearing America apart. That has always been real. Malcolm X called it.

No one in the mainstream media wanted to hear what the man had to say, or give him his props.

They demonized him as some frothing at the mouth, violent lunatic, when the truth is he was ridiculously practical and realistic and also, later in life very genuinely ethical and spiritual. No where near the opposite of MLK, the way he was painted out to be. MLK was actually thought to be way more subversive than Malcolm X, by the CIA and the FBI.

For one, MLK, had way more influence and he was attempting to manipulate capitalistic structures with it. Yeah those bus companies just had to capitulate to demands when those uppity negroes stopped riding the buses. Then he started hinting around that the Vietnam War was truly pointless and corrupt, at that point, CIA and FBI decide -this n@gger has to go! Buses are one thing, but wars? Ain’t NOBODY stopping these wars we live so. MLK had to go. So he was taken out, and is now made into a charichature of what he truly represented. Same is true for John Lennon…also Jesus. Anyone with a power peace message, gets spun into some ridiculous cartoon character, resembling nothing of the original man.

So, I say all of that to say this, whatever you think about MLK and Malcolm X, you’re probably way off base about both. They were far more alike near the end of their lives. MLK had become far more threatening to nefarious establishment goals and Malcolm X had become far less divisive and inclusive and also far more threatening to nefarious establishment goals. Neither is anything like how they are portrayed in sound bites. Most Americans have no idea who these men really were, but that’s true for most of our icons.

Apparently, Alexander Hamilton was gangster, who knew? Not me! (Well now, I do because I have a friend obsessed with Hamilton, the musical…or really hip-hopera.)

And…anyone trying to save me from drowning definitely does so at their own risk! When drowning, I panic and thrash around wildly with no regard for any human life except mine.

I largely stay out of natural bodies of water. They are far too unpredictable. Much like American politics at this time. I got to get out of this swamp! I really might drown — and you’re surely not going to save me, knowing what you now know.

Working with the Light!

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