What is a Conspiracy Theorist?

Why Does Qanon Have Everyone So Worked up?

Unsplash: Denver Airport Improvements

Don’t Criticize Bill Gates!

I skimmed the article and made a quick comment:

Those Crazy Conspiracy Theorists!

Why is it so important for conspiracy theories and conspiracy theorist to be labeled “crazy?” I am aware that there some conspiracy theorists who do arrive at conclusions that are not necessarily supported by facts. There are others who line up behind entire movements that seem bizarre (Qanon.)

Who Are the Conspirators?

Here are a few definitions of a conspiracy theorist :

Who Are the Conspiracy Theorists?

Conspiracy Theorists often come across as whacky, nutso, and creepy. What is to be following the rabbit holes? Not much, quite honestly. Not much. Loss of sleep. Loss of peace of mind.

Artist: Biljana Djurdjevic from the Tony Podesta Art Collection


Honestly, Pizzagate is one of those conspiracy theories that are so far out, so incredibly strange, so deep down any number of rabbit holes, I have never paid much attention to it. I think the theory is that people in the Hillary Clinton campaign were involved with child sexual human trafficking in the basement of DC pizzaria? I think that is the theory. Someone was so convinced that this was in fact true, he went to the pizzaria with an assault weapon and shot through the window, in an attempt to free the trafficked children. (I have verified that this is in fact the story. Will be posting on it later.)

Denver Airport

But what about this bizarreness at Denver Airport?

Creepy Denver Airport Mural
Denver Airport Mural Creepy AF

Working with the Light!

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