What is so bizarre about the cult-like belief in Trump, is that it (at times) veers off into total fantasy that clearly defies reality.

There are a faction of Trumpsters who deeply Trump is this great savior (something like a deity) who is (right now, as we speak) arresting everyone in the Democratic Party because Pizzagate. And it is basically an absolute fact, among this particular faction, that all high-profile democrats (and only democrats) are involved with child sex trafficking. But Trump is making secretive mass arrests, and they are all being brought to justice.

The QAnon component of the Trumpsters have been claiming this has been happening for as long as Trump has been in office. No matter what the actual evidence shows, they believe in Trump completely and have even elevated him to a Jesus Christ like status.

Okay. This is just bizarre. And even odder still, there is evidence, of child sex trafficking in elite circles (clearly the whole Jeff Epstein debacle speaks to this.) But there really isn’t a whole lot of available evidence on who was involved, and under what circumstances. Everything is mostly circumstantial. And there certainly is no evidence that anyone other than Jeff Epstein would be held accountable for any of it.

Nevertheless, the rumors of these mass arrests of many high profile democrats (and others, including Bill Gates even, he’s been dragged into this fantasy) persists.

But what is absolutely fascinating and deeply disturbing about these people, is that they otherwise can be totally reasonable, rational, logical behaving people. You can’t just write them off as complete and total nutter butters until they start to talk about this QAnon fantasy; because outside of that and Trumo, they read as completely ordinary competent, clear thinking individuals.

I came across the QAnon movement, because I followed a few alternative health channels on YouTube, prior to the QAnon movement. I could get information on dietary supplements, herbal treatments for certain conditions. I found the advice on these channels to be well researched, and generally the information was reliable.

I am a big proponent of Alternative Health, do not trust Big Med, as there is plenty of evidence that it is a profit driven industry, and not a customer driven industry (in that it wants its customers perpetually sick, and drugged up, because there are huge profits in that.)

So here’s the rub, a lot of the QAnon people provide alternative health info (and it’s good info), but they are constantly mixing that in with their wackadoo Trump savior theories; and then all of the information is tainted. I have to ask myself…can I really continue to trust their information…especially when it’s all interlaced with the Trump stuff? And especially on COVID 19…if they are going to parrot Trump, then I feel like I can’t really trust their health information.

But here’s what’s even scarier, because they believe in Trump so deeply…the conviction of these people…their adulation that borders on messiah worship, when you listen to them, (on the alternative health info) you will start to question yourself when they go into their Trumo worship.

Briefly, you might ask yourself, “am I missing something? Is Trump sending out some hidden signals? Should we all be drinking Lysol?”

Of course, joking about the last part.

But these individuals are so deeply convinced that Trump is some kind of savior, their conviction will affect others. Like people in a cult, they will work hard to convince you, you are mistaken, and because I will entertain almost any argument, I have to admit, they’ve gotten to me, on more than one occasion!

(Okay, maybe two…And not really.)

What I find absolutely fascinating, is the individuals ability to completely ignore that Trump, implied drinking Lysol was a cure for Covid (remember these individuals are holding themselves out as alternative health practitioners!!!!!) and are able to continue on with endless and gushing admiration for all things Trump, no matter what Trump says or does.

Not only that, they will actually accuse those who don’t blindly adore Trump, of ignoring volumes of positive information about Trumps and having “Trump Derangement Syndrome.”

This is beyond odd. What has happened to these people? I feel as if I have witnessed a normal functioning and thinking human being turn into a mindless, non thinking robotic Trump flunkie. I listened to these people pre-Trump. They were totally different people!

And their worship doesn’t just apply to Trump, but it also extends to anyone who Trump supports. It doesn’t matter what they have done to whom, if Trump supports them, Michael Flynn for example, they adore them. They get whiplash however as Trump’s mind is like weather in Chicago. Give it 15 minutes. It will change.

It is a truly baffling phenomenon. These people are perfectly reasonable and rational in other areas of their brain. But all things Trump, their brain had decided whatever Trump has said, whatever Trump has done must be worshipped and applauded with cult like fawning and admiration. And if you don’t do this, you will be attacked.

This reminds me of dogs. Dogs are very loyal…and even if their owner is a piece of shit, the dog will viciously defend that owner, with his life, even if a passerby actually poses no threat to the owner. And Trump certainly uses his Trumpster dogs to his advantage every chance he gets…he is an amazing dog Whistler.

But why have these people turned themselves into dogs? What is that about? Psychologists talk about a sort of Stockholm syndrome. A fear of abuse so profound that these individuals have decided to all out worship Trump (as if he’s God…it’s been implied by plenty of these folk), I guess because they fear the wrath, that will befall them if they don’t Trump worship, as if he’s God.

Trumpsters are beaten and abused dogs, and if they don’t protect their master I guess they are terrified of what will happen to them. This makes sense. But why have they also rewired their brains?

But I really want to understand how it is that they have deeply and emotionally convinced themselves that Trump is some kind of infallible deity. (Because so many really and truly have). That has to take some voodoo like magic, to really take hold in these people’s minds they way that it has. To so many of these individuals Trump is God. No seriously, they have blind faith in whatever Trump says or does, it never matters how ridiculous. And there is absolutely no arguing with blind faith. There never has been. Blind faith in an unseen unknown God? Okay…Maybe. But Blind faith in Cartoonishly reality TV styled DONALD Trump? (And that’s the Best that can be said about him.) Really? What is happening????

“Trump is the new Jesus! Better than Jesus, even! Just look at his ratings! Jesus never had any ratings!”

Give it time, it will be a thing…it already is with the evangelicals.

And this is the real Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Working with the Light!

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