What is that? Nah…you won’t find me doing any testimonials are doing anything much political anymore. The Trump presidency is the biggest freak show, in which I’ve clearly lost interest. I no longer pay attention to any of it.

And…your response is largely the reason why. There are people, like me, who absolutely despise everything Trump represents and stands for, (and I mean EVERYTHING, this man has no redeeming qualities as a human being, as far as I’m concerned.)

And there are people like you who love him to pieces! Just love his shitty drawers and everything that goes with them! Y’all just love him!

We’re not going to find any common ground, and this civil war has become quite boring, to me. I’m not putting any more energy into it.

I’ve moved on…to local political stuff, where I can really make an impact! I’m having a blast! I’m in the process of opening a women’s empowerment and social Justice Center in Cleveland, Ohio where I grew up. I’m also opening a small business center! (Same location.) I found an amazing piece of property at an unbelievably low, low price of 34k! That’s institutionalized racism working in my favor! (It’s in the hood, but I ain’t fraid of no hood!) plus it’s gentrifying! Which is to say, the property values are on the rise!!!

Corporate America is coming back into the hood, like “we got this.”

And…for better or worse, they do. Well I got a peice of it!

So, my advice to you, stop worrying about Hillary. I stopped worrying about Trump. Like MJ said, “they don’t really care about us.”

Neither one of them ever did.

Live your life! As far as you know, you only got the one.

As for America? It’s it’s own thing. It will survive regardless. But it’s never going to be “Great” again, in the way you imagine. That time has come and gone. You not getting everything your way, just cause you white and male. Sorry boo.

Lucky for you, you’re smart enough to get it other ways, like me. Welcome to the grand hustle!

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!