What specific responses are you referencing? I never said whites who voted for Obama didn’t vote for Trump; and I am sure there are plenty who did, and? I don’t understand why that is relevant.

What I have said is that Trump engages in and encourages tremendous amounts of racist and sexist behavior and that behavior is not limited to whites. Hardly. I recognize that all kinds of voters elected Trump, not just white ones. Plenty of black men, who I know personally, voted for Trump. He appeals deeply to a lot of chest beating Alpha males of any race, color or creed and if only men could vote, his victory would have been by a very clear landslide.

And that’s just sad…because what Trump is, more than anything else, is a conman. And that has always been and will continue to be my biggest objection to him. He is deeply and only self-serving. Everyone who voted for him has been conned, and you could make the same arguments about everyone who voted for Obama. We did not get the changes we had hoped for, but you were naive to believe he alone could bring such drastic changes. I went into an Obama administration with an implicit understanding that he probably could not deliver as promised. Washington works a certain way. It is a beast that cannot be tamed, but perhaps destroyed.

Looks like that is what Trump is getting started on — not to help the American people however. He is doing it because the constraints of that system are impeding his own profit seeking endeavors. He stands to make billions from this presidency, no doubt he will; and if he has to tear major holes in the DC machine, he will do it.

Trump takes the same approach to the leading the US as he does with running his corporations. Keep everyone in a state of fear and confusion, make everyone who works for him terrified of not being totally and completely loyal. This approach works quite well for certain CEOs. It has worked for Trump.

But a country is not a corporation. It is infinitely more complex, and Trump’s approach is further destabilizing world politics, as if they weren’t destabilized enough.

On the one hand, it is wildly entertaining to see Trump throw up a middle finger to the CIA and the Koch brothers. I would be lying if I didn’t admit I kind of like the fact that Trump dares to be relentlessly reckless. It is kinda cool.

When you’re in high school.

Not so much when you are tasked with leading what used to be one of the most powerful nations on the earth. This kind of recklessness has consequences. Like attracts like. Reckless isn’t so amusing if Kim Jong-un were to recklessly respond to one of Trump’s spastic tweets with some sort of nuke — which are now portable. The attack could come from any country and we might have no way to trace it. Now of course that’s a worse case scenario. I hope nothing like that is likely to happen. But my point is Trump behaves audaciously and wrecklesly — and countries already exhausted by US antics, is making a bad situation only that much worse.

And he doesn’t care. I say all of that to say this, yeah I take issue with Trump, but very little of my concern with him is his personal racism or sexism. My concern in that regard is just the millions he has emboldened or frightened by it, and the huge divide this has caused the US internally, which is the last thing we need when we have so many powerful international enemies.

But whatever. I’m just going to watch how this craziness plays out at this point. It is beyond nuts.

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!