Whatever Cait…it’s not that simple. I LOVE THIS WHITE BOY! I LOVE HIM!

And so do millions of others, so don’t expect to get very far with your Eminem bashing.

Yeah to a certain extent, he ran out the same old tired, “we love America, we love our troops” tropes. And, yeah we get it, you’re so over that…you and the rest of the world. WE GET IT.

At least I do…and you know you’re not wrong with anything you ever say about all that shit.

But man! Eminem! He felt that!!!!! He felt that rap! That was from THE HEART!!!!!!

And no it wasn’t exactly to your political specifications…and true, he could and should have a sit down with you and really get educated about the global political scene before he speaks on it…BUT, as for the hoods? East coast, west coast and worldwide? Last night? Eminem did THE DAMN THING!!!!!!

I LOVE THAT WHITE BOY!!!!!!! He’s the only one who can make white America take a real, good, hard look at itself and say, “Well damn! We might just be really racist and fucked up.”

Ya think? I do.

Working with the Light!