Whatever…just don’t bring this particular brand of cray-cray to VA. That’s all I’m saying.

White nationalists decided to descend on a town in VA with a variety of intimidation tactics and torches, and got kicked out.

Now they’re whining, crying about counter protestors and a militarized police force. Well…no duh. Whoever thinks they are going to march up into someone else’s spot, with hateful intentions and intimidation tactics, and not be challenged by the town, or a militarized police force is crazy.

Actions result in equal and opposite reactions. Yep. Alt-right definitely took some losses. Mainly by the “militarized police” who literally kicked them out of town, after they showed their ass. Anybody who wants to blame counter protestors is clueless.

UVA didn’t want those fools around all their shit…and UVA brought down that iron fist on those fools. And UVA did all that without ever even getting its hands dirty.

So I am not saying the alt-right didn’t get their asses handed to them by UVA and Charlottesville, I am just pointing out that it wasn’t BLM or any large organized group of Black people who harmed them. THAT IS A LIE. And it probably wasn’t no Antifa either.

But, you’re just determined to tell thise lies right? Because that’s the alternative reality you wanna believe. You want to fight an enemy that isn’t even there. This big imaginary boogie man in your mind.

Do you know what Sun Tzu would say to that?

“What a F@cking idiot.”

Nah. Sun Tzu didn’t talk like that. He’d say:

“You are going to lose every battle, every time.”

White nationalists are already fighting a losing battle, as they clearly don’t understand who their enemy is and why it finds them so disposable. They’re just pawns, in a very large chess game. And…If you’re a pawn (and most of us are) you’d better be a smart one, lest you end up in a Virginia jail, bail denied, getting sued for millions, hated by an entire town. Two points for white supremacy! Maybe. But not James Fields. He got played and punked. His life destroyed because he took another.

And…for what? Do you think it was worth it to him? Fighting an imagined enemy? Oh, but all those big black thugs! He had to do it! Cause Blacks! And…who exactly is delusional?

To be fair, he did hit a big black guy. I saw the pictures. Ironically, he was so big, I don’t think he was badly injured. It was a small white woman who died. Blind hate has unintended victims and consequences.

How many black people were at this rally? Out of how many total? Can you not back up your extremely volatile allegations with numbers? Do you understand basic mathematical concepts, which are universal truths? 2 + 2 always equals 4. It’s your insanity that is trying to alternate reality that.

What kind of economist can’t count?

Working with the Light!