What’s going on with Social Security- do you have a clue?

What about Public health?

An absolute mess. Obamacare was never all that great, but now it’s been totally destabilized causing a healthcare crisis — ESPECIALLY in the places we’re TRUMP support is heavy…oh yeah and the Opioid crisis is also killing off those folk, Trump supporters IN DROVES.

What is going on with the Public school System? Well let’s see the schools are closing down daily and municipalities are blatantly building school to prison pipelines in the ones that DO still exist.

What about the judicial system? Well it’s underfunded and breaking under the weight, here in Prince William County I️ just learned we only got 4 circuit judges, down from 6- cases are backing up on the docket! You basically can’t get any due process or access to justice and even if you could get in front of a “judge” if he was appointed by Trump — that mother is likely to be Bozo the Clown.

This is real talk…and I️ could go on with it… but I️ won’t. Things were shaky under OBama, but Obama was holding up the house of cards through sheer bluster and will. Trump has not only blown over the entire house, he has stomped all over the cards with filthy muddy shoes and then lit them on 🔥!


It pains me to have my intelligence insulted in this way!!!!

Working with the Light!

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