What’s odd exactly? Think Think Progress has been sucked into Medium as opposed to what? Fox News or Briebart? Not really, Medium attempts to attract writers and other artists. Writers and artists are typically left-leaning, so yeah you’re going to find that sort of writing on Medium. If you want an algorithm that’s gonna feed you Fox News, I don’t know…the gun sites. They will be blasting conservative craziness all day everyday.

This fake Briebart site tried to get me to write for them…came to Medium, said hey we like the way you write, will you write for us? I gave it a whirl, until I figured out what they wanted from me. They wanted me to rile up all their crazies. They wanted me to give their alt-right psychos something to rail and rage against.

It got old real quick. I say all of that to say this, all the sites are splintering off into smaller and smaller and crazier and more concentrated political extremes — and there is always an audience somewhere. That is what the internet seeks to do, either through AI algorithms or basic manual sweat and tears, take all the craziness out there, and link it up to a crazy person, or someone’s personal craziness. Figure out how to do this really well, and there’s money in it. So everyone is hustling or trying to hustle the algorithms in one way or another. Medium is no different. They want to get paid, same as Facebook. I do think, however, leftists as you call them l, are harder to con. Not the easy marks of the rightist, who wear big, bold red buttons that are super easy to push. Here’s one- everyone not white is the enemy! That’s a real easy one to press with that crowd. Women cannot be trusted! That’s another. When your buttons are so easy and obvious to push…well you are a psychopath’s favorite toy.

And that is the problem, so many psychopaths these days wanting to play with their toys.

Working with the Light!

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