What’s up between you and your mom is something no one can judge or understand (except maybe you and your mother…and I say maybe, cause these kinds of relationships even in the best case scenario are loaded and difficult and there is much, that you don’t understand about your mother…because you didn’t know her when she was young and had a mother…who was probably more fucked up, than she is…and that’s the way it goes.

If what you say about your mother is true, she is crazy AF. BUT…I think people are touchy about you, throwing the term conspiracy theorists about, when talking about your mother, because IT DOES imply -at a minimum- that people who don’t believe the mainstream bullshit are crazy AF conspiracy theorists, and conspiracy theorists ARE NOT Crazies.

Conspiracy Theorist “by definition” (going there before some wrong undereducated f@ck tried to mansplain to me what a conspiracy theorist is to me) someone who believes that an event happened or is happening because powerful people “conspired” to make it happen.

And yes a lot of people do seem to think, very powerful Bill Gates is somehow conspiring or has conspired to either make people sick with this virus, to get even richer off of some patents he allegedly holds with regard to the virus…and voicing these ideas DOES NOT MAKE ANYONE CRAZY…but rather someone who thinks about information that is suspect…the man is supposed to be making software…how bout he just stick to that? People are just in general sick of billionaires doing every goddamn thing…just sick of it. We are not stupid. It’s very clear none of them gives a goddamn about the health or safety of anyone who it not a multi-million dollar flunky. And to think…one of these fuckers is once again, trying to make a profit off of sickness (our literal) blood and bones IT IS NOT CRAZY…but it is talking about what they ACTUALLY DO.

Don’t get me started on BiG MED, the trillion dollar, absolutely brutal, never gonna find a cure, but would literally rather torture you TO DEATH (chemo) cancer industry.

There are so many reasons to distrust any profit driven, entity claiming to provide real assistance. REAL LOGICAL (this industry has burned the hell out of so many people) reasons!

Only an idiot would think, “Golly wow! Bill Gates wants to cute COVID just for me!”

If you don’t think this…you have a functioning brain. If you are asking a ton of questions (not just about this) BUT ANYTHING Big Med is up to, you’re smarter than the average bear. This is an industry that is straight gangsta…and absolutely does not give a fuck about people. And I’m not talking about the workers within the industry, I’m talking about the profit seekers that push the industry in sick, sick, sick directions LITERALLY. So much profit in “treatment” so little money in cures.

So as crazy as your mother may seem to be to you, she might be on to something! Because here is what I know about people like your mother, they don’t end up like that for no reason. They do not. SOMETHING HAPPENED…and it’s something you probably know nothing about…but whatever it was, it was probably sick and grimey as fuck, and whoever did it to her did not want it known what was done. So they probably did a lot of shit to DRIVE HER CRAZY…so you could write her and everything she had to say off. So you wouldn’t listen. So no one would listen. They effectively silenced her.

Yeah she’s just A crazy…like them Epstein victims were all crazies…at a certain point these evil fuckers got to get a new trick.

I ain’t buying that everyone who doesn’t believe that Caca the corporations constantly trot out as “news” is crazy. It’s mainly just advertising for whatever the fuck they are scheming and plotting on. Just what, who the fuck knows, but the fact that your mom ain’t buying that shit-is NOT what makes her crazy. Nah…that makes her SMART AF.

Working with the Light!

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