What’s up with you that you don’t see that she’s always thought our whole American paradigm is evil, the whole time that she’s been writing about the good ol US of A.

What’s up with you, that this was fine when she was Clinton bashing (and come on, she could only do that for so long, Clinton’s not the president.)

So she’s moved on to Trump, but you take issue with it now, cause well Trump!

What she takes issue with is the entire foreign policy of America. She thought initially (quite incorrectly) that Trump would have a different approach. Why she thought that I do not know. But realizing Trump is just more of the same, she bashes him too. Though not nearly as ferociously as Clinton or Obama.

So is that what YOU really want from Caitlin, a lot of partisan bashing? If so, what do you get out of it?

I’m not judging. I’m just curious. Ask yourself really, what am I feeding within myself when, someone on the “other side” is portrayed negatively?

I stopped playing partisan games once I realized what a stupid and ineffective waste of my energy it all was. And that these fuckers want-no need my energy. It feeds them. It makes them wealthy. It does nothing but deplete me.

Hating or strongly disliking any opposition does nothing to change our circumstances, to move us forward in a positive direction. It’s so pointless…such a waste of precious energy.

You might be addicted to hate, if you’re scouring the Internet looking for hate fixes. You might be deeply insecure in your choices, if you’re scouring the Internet looking for validation of the choices you’ve made by way of praise of leaders you support.

In these trying times, it’s fairly easy to be either of those things: addicted to hate, insecure in choices.

But take a step back…breathe…you really don’t have to stress any of that bullshit! We can vibrate out of this…by not giving it our energy.

Working with the Light!

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