When you start tearing up towns and rolling down streets enmasse with guns and torches. When you start doing that you’re getting kicked out of the state, so says Texas A & M, so says Massachusetts, so says Virginia — could not have been more clear.

Oh and about that math, You have shown me five to ten black people….and how many people were at this protest? Last count I heard 1000. 10/1000 is 1% and that is real math.

Stop lying on black people, especially in the South. Cornell West does not represent black people, or even the BLM movement.

He is a celebrity Harvard professor, who takes every possible chance he can to increase his fame and wealth as all celebrities do.

Does Anne Coulter represent every white person? Hell no, but she probably represents you, am I right?

There were very few blacks involved in the Clusterf@ck that happened this weekend in Charlottesville and you know it. So stop lying. This is how black people in the South get killed, blatant, hysterical lies like this. STOP LYING. And Google Emmet Till. This is what your lies do.

Even in the face of zero evidence, against all logic, against all reason, lies like this incite angry, vicious subhuman animal mobs to resort to angry, vicious, evil and psycho sick subhuman behavior. Mutilating a 12 year old and having no remorse about it is some sick, psychopathic shit.

It starts, in the South with lies like these.



Working with the Light!

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