Where in the world would you find them? I’d like to vote for these politicians too! These politicians would truly be “pro-life”, but these politicians don’t exist! The traditional “pro-life” politicians are almost pro-slavery, pro-war, pro-capital punishment, pro-domestic violence and rape (though they don’t express it quite that way, it’s true. They are.)

And most pro-choice politicians are for the embryonic research and mildly for all the other stuff mentioned, which is to say, no politician is truly “pro-life”; and based on the way you describe your voting patterns, neither are you.

I’m definitely pro-choice. And being pro-choice is my way of being pro-life on this incredibly pro-death planet. Because until someone can guarantee me that mother and child won’t be, beaten, raped, exploited, subjected to all sorts of horrific abuse, destroyed by poverty, destroyed by institutional racism or sexism, destroyed by either the military or prison industrial complex — I don’t want to hear the hypocritical “pro-life” B.S.

Look at what is happening to those kids in Syria and you tell me, where is all the “pro-life” indignation about that? The same story is being played out in countless countries all across the globe. Children are being treated like toilet paper. Not only do our elected officials do nothing to stop it, some of them actively encourage it by war-mongering.

I say all of that, to say this…no one on this planet is truly “pro-life.” It’s impossible. What most Americans really are, when they say they’re “pro-life” is they are pro middle to upper class and above white American life — and to hell with every other baby in the world. Real talk — globally, babies die by the thousands daily. No one who claims to be “pro-life” ever wants to acknowledge or deal with these facts. I’m pro-choice, because I’m truly pro-life. I don’t want to feed the war mongerors a steady supply of human beings to murder, blow-up, drop bombs upon, experiment upon and torture. Are you kidding me?

Given the state of the world today, every woman on the planet should just decide not to reproduce — and Im not even talking abortion. I’m talking a shut down of the ovaries. That nutty senator was on the right track when he said raped women can shut their biology down. Well they can’t; but what a wonderful world it would be if we could. That’s where the focus should be. Women need to have complete control of their reproductive biology — and to refuse to bring life onto a planet that fails to recognize the sanctity of that human life.

One thing this current election season has made clear to me is how many men have a deep disregard for women, women’s thoughts and ideas, women’s concerns, women’s concerns about children and women’s bodies. One of our presidential candidates- one you would support, I assume- referred to a woman as “it.” And he’s “pro-life”? That’s what pro-life looks like?

No. As I said before, none of our politicians are “pro-life.” Most of them could care less about the lives of women and children; and therefore it’s really disingenuous for anyone to assert that they can vote “pro-life.” It can’t be done, and if you believe that it can, you’re lying to yourself. But I guess we must all entertain our fantasies, just to say sane.

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!